Competition General Notes for Athletes

In just 5 short weeks, (Saturday, November 2nd) athletes will once again compete for the top teams in South Florida in WODaMania.

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Competition General Notes for Athletes

  1. Be at staging tent 10 min before your heat start time (see heat schedule for report time when released). You must report to staging tent before entering competition floor.  NO EXCEPTIONS
  2. Have all of your gear ready and with you for each WOD. Once you enter competition floor, you cannot leave until WOD is over.
  3. Review any questions on WODs in staging tent to WODaMania staff. No detailed questions about WODs once you are at your lane with your judge.
  4. Check your team and heat number on your WOD score sheet for consistency.
  5. Verify your rep counts, weight amounts lifted, times and your final scores before signing your score sheet.  Once a score sheet is signed, it is final.
  6. Any disputes or concerns need to be brought to head judges, not lane judges.
  7. Your judge is your friend and 3rd teammate – do not argue with lane judge during WOD. Keep moving. Resolve any disputes after WOD is complete.
  8. Allow WODaMania volunteers to organize and setup lane equipment prior to your WOD.
  9. When your WOD is complete, step to the side to review and sign your score sheet with lane judge. Allow volunteers to organize equipment and setup for the next heat.
  10. CrossFit standards apply for all movements in WODs. Review the standards on CrossFit website as necessary.

Warm-up Area Notes

  1. Athletes will be provided sufficient equipment to warm-up.
  2. Equipment will not be available to warm-up all movements (no rig).
  3. Please use warm-up equipment carefully to prevent injury and respect the equipment.
  4. Do not place or move any equipment into the sand.
  5. Keep all equipment on the rubber mats – no equipment on the pavers directly.
  6. Share the available equipment between teams and give teams with earlier heat time priority to warm-up.
  7. Athletes are NOT allowed to perform any rig movement warm-ups in their lane prior to their heat time.  No exceptions.
  8. Do not drop a loaded barbell from over-head with bumpers less than 25#.  Please use clips for all warm-up barbell lifts.