What is WODaMania

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On November 3, the 5th annual WODaMania will play host to approximately 400 athletes from around the nation. Spectators will be treated to incredible feats of athleticism, a Vendor Expo to satisfy even the most avid fitness fan’s wish list and iconic views of pristine waters and sandy beaches of South Florida.

WODaMania is more than a competition; " it is a celebration of health, fitness, philanthropy and community for athletes and spectators."  What started as a quest for a quality local fitness competition, has grown into the second largest annual fitness event in South Florida. “We founded our box, CF Wild, with the intention of creating a place that encourages life longevity, health, fitness and a true sense of community. WODaMania was birthed from that foundation.” – Tom Kiper, WODaMania Founder, CF Wild Co-Owner.

The all-day festival will take over Singer Islands waterfront Ocean Avenue offering fitness goers, spectators and passerby’s a piece of the action in paradise. Heats will run until 5:10 p.m. and will be followed by a block party. “We are working with the Palm Beach County Sports Commission to bring to Riviera Beach an epic event. With over 1,200 athletes and fans coming in from across the nation, the event will drive tourism dollars to our local hotels, restaurants and surrounding businesses for the entire weekend. The WODaMania team has built a reputation of hosting a well-executed, timely and fun competition. We are excited to bring it to Riviera Beach and grow it to a two-day event for 2019.” – Tommie Belmont, CF Wild Co-Owner. WODaMania is programmed by former two time Games Athlete Chase Daniels and Masters Regional competitor CF Wild owner and athlete Tom Kiper.

“I just really want to say thank you to you and your members. You guys truly rock. I love your selfless community…it’s one of the reasons why I love this fitness community. Thank you for making my world bigger than I expected. I love you guys!” – Monique LaLonde, Atlantic Regionals Athlete

Over the past 4 years, WODaMania has given support to local non-profit organizations. This year, it will be supporting local children’s organization, Place of Hope. Since 2001, the children’s organization has been providing family-style foster care (emergency and long-term); family outreach and intervention; maternity care; safety for victims of domestic minor sex trafficking; transitional housing and support services for youth aging out of foster care; housing and support services for homeless families; foster care recruitment and support; hope and healing opportunities for children and families who have been traumatized by abuse and neglect through the South Florida region.

REGISTER HERE: https://www.boxtribetracker.com/2606/web/