Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

  • When does registration begin? Registration is now open. Register at Until 2/1/19 use promo code: 19WOD15 to receive 15% off registration.
  • When will the first Heat begin? The heat schedule will be posted several days prior to the event.
  • What is the cost to compete? Sprint is $130/team.
  • Is this a Co-ed or same-sex competition? Sprint Series is Co-ed. Beachfront is Same Sex.
  • Will there be a Beginner category? No.
  • Will there be vendors? For Sprint, no. For Beachfront, yes.
  • What is the schedule? For Sprint, it is (4) 10 min. AMRAP’s with a 5 minute break in between each WOD.
  • Are there restrooms available? Yes, there will be porto-johns available for athletes and spectators.
  • Can I have a photographer? Yes; however, all photographers must stay behind the spectators tape.