WODaMania Beachfront 2021

October 23, 2021

Workouts Coming Soon!!

WOD 1 – Main Stage

WOD 2 – Stage 2

Wod 3 – Main Stage

Floater – Stage TBD


WODAMANIA 2019 November 2nd


Teams have 6 minutes to find a 1 rep max clean/jerk

Power or squat clean allowed

Any form of jerk allowed.

Score is heaviest combined weight and will be based on combined body weight %age.

Athletes will weigh in at time of packet pickup – all athletes must be present.

% will go to the second decimal point.

Highest percentage body weight score wins WOD.


REST 2 minutes, then…



4 Minute Time Cap

***Reps are combined (1 athlete working at a time) and can be split any way teams choose, but cannot chase BJO (1 athlete working at a time), and all numbers are total combined reps*** 

30 Power Snatch: Female Beginner 25#, All other females – 55#, All males – 75#

30 Lateral OTB burpees: (Beginner Step)

30 BJO: All divisions 24 for male and 20 for female w exception (RX male 30) (RX Female 24) 



10 Minute AMRAP


Thrusters: (Beginner 35#) (Female Scaled 55#) (Master F 35-44 65#) (Master F 45+ 55#) (Male Scaled 75#) (MM 35-44 95#) (MM 45+ 85#) (RXF 75#) 

(RXM 115#)

Pull Ups: (Beginner HRPU) (All scaled divisions and masters 45+, Pull ups) (Master F 35-44 CTB) (Master M 35-44 CTB) (RXF, BMU) (RXM, BMU)

***Athletes can switch any time they desire, and numbers are total combined reps in 10 minutes***

WOD 2B: 

ROW FOR CALORIES::  One athlete will be rowing the entire time.  All dampers will be set to the same drag factor.  ***Athletes can switch any time they desire.  This wod will run at the same time as wod 2A, and will be scored as a separate wod*** 

After partner switch, athletes pickup where other athlete left off in 2A.



WOD 3:

10 Minute Time Cap


Wall Balls: (Beginner 8#), (All female divisions 14#) (All male divisions 20#)

TTB: (Beginner, knee tucks) (All other divisions TTB)

Power Cleans: (Beginner 55#),( Female Scaled 65#),(Master F 35-44 85#), Master F 45+ 65#) (Male Scaled 95#), (MM 35-44 115#) (MM 45+ 95#) (RXF 95#) RXM 135#)

***Athletes can switch any time they desire, and numbers are total combined reps***  

Athletes complete 35 reps of each movement, then 25 reps of each movement and finally 15 reps of each movement within 10 minute time cap.

Only 1 athlete works at a time.


There will be a floater WOD announced the day of the competition which must be completed prior to teams competing in WOD 3.